October 23, 2017

Summer 2017 Gifted Students Academy

A series of educational experiences
for academically gifted students, grades 1-11


The Gifted Students Academy, GSA, is an intensive summer program for gifted middle school students, grades 1st through 10th. Participants select courses in each of the major subject areas of math, science, language arts, social studies and the arts and may attend as a commuter student or reside on campus in the UCI residence halls. Courses are offered in one-week modules and span over a four-week period. GSA offers a strong foundation of disciplinary studies while providing students a sampling of campus life. (Students in grades one through three attend as commuters only.)


Summer 2017 Schedule - Lower Academy (Grades 1,2,3)

Session AJuly 10 - 14 (Commuter)
Session BJuly 17 - 21 (Commuter)
Session CJuly 24 - 28 (Commuter)
Session DJuly 31 - August 4 (Commuter)


Summer 2017 Schedule - Middle Academy (Grades 4,5,6,7)

Session AJune 26 - 30 (Commuter)
Session BJuly 10 - 14 (Commuter)
Session CJuly 17 - 21 (Commuter)
Session CJuly 16 - 21 (Residential)
Session DJuly 24 - 28 (Commuter)
Session DJuly 23 - 28 (Residential)


Summer 2017 Schedule - High School Academy (Grades 8,9,10,11)

Session AJuly 24 - 28 (Commuter)
Session AJuly 23 - 28 (Residential)
"I just wanted to let you know that both my children had a terrific time with the program this summer. We really appreciated the approach and enthusiasm of your instructors, and especially of the staff ratio. I think their memory of your weeks are of excitement, and well balanced mind and body work. We look forward to next year."

Parent of GSA Student