University of California, Irvine
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Assistant Vice Chancellor's and Director's Message

It's never too early to think about your academic future, especially how you may achieve your career goals and pursue your special interests. One of the best ways to begin to formulate your action plan is to spend extended periods of time on a University campus. I invite you to join students of high ability, such as yourself, in participating in this summer's Gifted Students Academy. Consider participating as a resident. Residential participation will enable you to experience the University to its fullest.

Our courses are uniquely developed for gifted middle school students. Courses are designed and taught by instructors who will lead you in expanding your thinking.

Don't miss this opportunity. Join us on the UCI campus this summer for a truly exciting experience.

Juan Francisco Lara, Ph.D.,
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Director, Center for Educational Partnership

As Director of UCI's Gifted Students Academy, I am pleased to invite you to participate in our summer programs. I welcome your participation in this exciting experience. It has been designed to assist you in beginning to direct your life toward a scholarly university experience.

Regardless of the courses you select, I assure you that you will find yourself thinking in new ways. You will be exposed to great new ideas. You will learn new exciting problem solving strategies and you will become a part of a community of learners with interests like yourself. Within this community of fellow students from all parts of California and the world, you will build special friendships that will last well beyond your stay at UCI.

Our staff is available to help you with all aspects of your UCI Gifted Students Academy experience. We can help you plan your choice of courses and guide you to your educational future. Join us for the UCI Gifted Students Academy program, 2006. I'll be looking for you. I hope to meet your parents, too.

Darlene Boyd, Ed.D.
Director, UCI Gifted Students Academy