April 24, 2014
Gifted Students Saturday Academy
Mammoth Math & Physical Science Workshop: 40,000 Years and Counting
For Students Presently In Grades 4-7
"... learn about these long-gone mammals in math (large -- as in mammoth -- numbers, multiplication, exponents, geometry) and science (simple machines)... "
Theater Workshop Series: Gaining Confidence in Presentation and Audition
"... this class offers strategies to ensure confidence and success in classroom presentations and professional auditioning.... "
Academic Talent Search
For Students Presently In Grades 6-10
NEW!! - Test Prep Writing Course
...enable yourself to plan the most appropriate college-preparatory program..."
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Gifted Students High School Academy
For Students Presently In Grades 8-10
"...a strong foundation of disciplinary studies while providing students a sampling of campus life..."
Gifted Students Middle Academy
For Students Presently In Grades 4-7
Gifted Students Lower Academy
For Students Presently In Grades 1-3
"...a colorful blend of science, art, technology, and creative writing..."
GSN In The News

In a recent interview GSN Director, Dr. Darlene Boyd ,
discusses online education and meeting the needs of gifted students

Link to interview at EducationDegree.com
Link to interview on YouTube

Read a recent review of GSA drama instructor, John Gardiner's most recent performance

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